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Boston’s rich history is known around the world. We play host to millions of tourists each and every year who visit our landmarks and revel in our wide variety of cultural offerings.

Being one of the oldest cities in the United States, a great deal of our city’s remarkable architecture tells the tales of a bygone era. However, a large portion of our neighborhoods are currently telling a much different story – one of defeat and a clear lack of pride.

Have you noticed?

• Some of our most precious Boston area landmarks are now overgrown with weeds, slowly succumbing to time, nature and lack of care.

• Our streets are becoming littered with trash, tossed carelessly from car windows or casually discarded by pedestrians.

• Graffiti is present on buildings, streets, bridges and signs.

• Countless animals are wandering our streets left to fend for themselves. Even more are left behind in rental properties, abandoned buildings and parks.

What feeling do you get when you visit a city with trash on every corner? When you see newspapers, cans, bottles and plastic bags spinning in the air and becoming snagged in trees and fences – how do you feel that reflects on an area? Would you think twice about dropping a candy/gum wrapper? Why should you? Would it even be noticed among all of the other clutter? To look around, you would think that no one cared.

The saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Visitors will often imitate the customs of the natives, including bad practices like littering. Is that what we want for our city?

Did you know the average American generates 4 lbs of trash per day? That is 1460 lbs per year! Multiply that by Boston’s population of approximately 646,000 and you will see a combined total of 471,580 Tons! How much of that finds its way onto our streets?

People seem to think, “It’s only a gum wrapper, bottle or potato chip bag,” but multiply those by tens, hundreds or thousands of people with the same philosophy and you have the dilemma that many neighborhoods in our city are facing today.

If you live in the Boston area, you probably feel like many others. You want to do something, but you’re only one person. How much could you really contribute to such a large task?

Well, that’s where “I Care So Should You”, (ICSSY), comes in. Our mission is to utilize volunteers and donations to achieve a greater goal: cleaning up the city of Boston and restoring pride in our great city.

Here at ICSSY, our focus is on the city of Boston as a whole including Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, East Boston, South Boston, the South End, the North End, the West End, Back Bay, Bay Village, Fenway, Kenmore, Mission Hill, Dorchester, Brighton, Allston, Hyde Park, Charlestown, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Chinatown, Roslindale, Milton and Mattapan. Each of these Boston area neighborhoods have contributed to our rich culture, world renowned cuisine, beautiful architecture and the growth and popularity of our proud city.

Today, Boston’s neighborhoods are deteriorating right before our very eyes. With each candy or snack wrapper, cigarette butt, empty soda can or shopping bag that hits our streets, the pride that we have in our city decreases.

If you’ve ever felt the desire to help, but didn’t know how, we would love to speak with you. Unlike the typical cleaning business that works for a paycheck, our work is made possible by those who find merit in our cause. These individuals are willing to donate their time or make a monetary donation to help fund our efforts. These donations are very much needed and appreciated.

Together, we CAN make a difference in the City of Boston.

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